Assignment Writers

Native Journal is always looking for assignment writers in all parts of Canada. Please email your resume and two samples of your writing style to: njeditor@shaw.ca

Writers’ Guidelines

Native Journal publishes monthly and are pleased to receive any and all stories that are sent in. While we do not guarantee publishing everything sent in, we will do our best to run what we can. We accept stories on a broad range of subjects, however, all pieces must be kept to 600 words unless pre-arranged with the editor. Photos to accompany stories are encouraged. If photos are sent in, they must be identified (people’s names, location of shot and subject matter). Unfortunately we do not have the space to run poetry.

Your name and address must accompany any submissions. If we print your story, you will be paid 15 cents per word and $15 for any photo that is used. Payments are made on the 15th of the month following publication. Handwritten stories are not accepted. Please supply on disk or email to njeditor@shaw.ca. Please see deadline schedules as any material received after deadline will not be considered for the current publication.

Any story or photo sent to Native Journal Inc. becomes the property of Native Journal Inc. once it is published. If the writer wants to publish the same story in another publication, written permission from the editor must be received or the story must be re-written. If your story is published in Native Journal, we may publish it on Native Journal Online as well. If you wish not to be published online, please indicate this on any submissions.

Electronic Submission Guidelines

All photos are to be submitted in color. We prefer prints, however, if you are sending electronic files, all files must be a minimum of 900 x 600 pixels (or 4 inches x 6 inches at 150 dpi). Please send in jpeg format.

All stories are to be sent in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. Please save these files as raw text or plain text.