Top 6 Things We Recommend before Buying a Safe

Looking for the best ideal safe might be difficult at times.  if you look around the industry, you will realize that safes made by safe manufacturer are nothing more than thin metal boxes.  As a matter of fact, if you research a bit, you will find that there is more a safe than you actually thought.  When you are planning to buy a safe, you need to take these following things into consideration.

Size Matters

The first thing that you need to consider is what size safe do you need. The answer is pretty simple, one which is bigger that you think feel you need. One of the common feedbacks from the customers states that they made the mistake of buying safes from safe manufacturer which are big enough. Always keep in mind that bigger is better.

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Not Every Gun Safe is Equally Created

One of the most popular kind of safe that you will find in the market today are the gun safes. They are available in different shapes and sizes.  A majority of them are thin metal cabinets.  Thus, when you choose gun safe, you have to consider the thickness of the metal and also the locking mechanism.  It is also important to cinsid4r the door composition.

What Security Rating can Protect Your Valuables?

There are many people who want to protect an extensive range of items using commercial safes. These customers should buy a BF rated safe or well-built composite safe.  Check the industry guidelines for the content value of different levels of security which the safe can offer.  You can get in touch with the insurance company for a specific limitation.  You have to be aware of the ratings as it is subjective.

When Do You Have to Use Wall Safe or Hidden Safe?

Wall safes and hidden safes are not a good place for storing high value items.  The best protection which a wall commercial safe provides is concealment. The wall safe is attached to the studs in the wall and it can be easily pried or cut out of the wall.  The only fire protection that they offer is limited to the sheetrock in the wall.  In case you have some items to store for a limited period of time or just to keep them out of your kid’s hands.

What Type of Firing Rating is Best?

Fire ratings of the safe manufacturer might often be overlooked.  However, it needs to be one of the topmost considerations. You need to buy minimum one hour of fire rated safe. In case you buy a safe which has rating lower than this then it would not provide adequate protection. Fire rated gun safes will offer protection to the important documents.  do not forget about the seal on the door.

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Do Not Rely on Fire Resistant Safe Against Burglary

You need to be careful of the companies that call their safe fireproof. There is nothing that is fireproof, they are all fire resistant.  This means that the safe manufacturer will resist heat and smoke for a given period of time.  A fire resistant safe will help in protecting the paper documents from smoke and heat damage.  Nonetheless, the fire resistant safe makes use of very thin metal when it comes to the construction of the safe. Read more info on importance of having a safe in your house

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