You will be surprised to that there are some office supplies Canada which can be used in the kitchen.  As a matter of fact, food bloggers have also vouched for this combination. There are few office supplies that are more useful for cooking than for working.  Here are some top picks by the experts.

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Black Sharpie Marker

One of the best ways to save money in the kitchen is to write on everything, particularly write down the month or the year when you opened the new jar of jam, the date when you used the leftovers, and so on.

You should not take the word for it. Black sharpies are known to be indispensable tool that you will find in the commercial kitchen.  Professional chefs rely on them to label and date food and then identify the personal equipment such as knives.


You should know that you should not be using the knives for cutting up the containers. The best case scenario is that you will dull the blades and will shorten the knives. Again the worst case scenario, some overly complicated packaging and wet hand, and you are going to end up in the ER getting stitches done.

There are few reasons you might like to get office supplies Canada like a pair of proper kitchen shears.  The blades will come apart when you have to wash. Thus, there is no chance that something gross or sticky is going to get stuck in there. It has been designed to cut tougher stuff such as packaging and chicken parts.  If you want to cut open a bag of frozen peas neatly, a pair of handled office scissors is going to do the job.

Masking Tape

The office supplies Canada like masking tape is pretty useful when it comes to labeling the leftover that are there in the containers. Obviously, you do not want to mark the containers with permanent ink.  In case you really want to get something, you might want to use different colors of tape. Use them for marking different kinds of food.

Sheet Protectorscanada office supplies

In case you have some good recipes that are simply scrawled on the notecards or have been clipped on the magazines years ago, invest in some sheet protectors. With these, you can just whip up the family recipes without even worrying about the spills or tears. Scan it and save a digital version for future use. In case you have a whole bunch of them, get these office supplies Canada with holes to fit in the binder.  You will be able to keep these neatly corralled.

Binder Clips

This might be a personal preference but people tend to lack patience when it comes to personal bag clips.  These are either complicated or break easily. Binder clips work really well. It is strong enough and can be reused. You have to keep it tight enough to grip the snacks from being spoiled due to humidity.

Dry-Erase Board

White boards are not just useful for the corporate meeting sessions.  Get one of these office supplies Canada with magnetized back. This is just the ideal way to run the grocery list. This way you will not be wasting your time or money to run and get things that you forgot you needed.