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Bongs and joints are two smoking devices, and the choice between them is a matter of opinion. So what should you do? Buy bongs or joints?


The first and the most obvious difference between the two is a difference in price. Joints are clearly not expensive. All you really need to make a joint is a piece of paper. Bongs are way more expensive than that, the cheapest will cost you at least $20 to $50.

The second big difference is in the size. Joints are small in size and are easy to carry. They will also give you the benefit of discreetness.

It is also easier to consume when you are with a number of people.

The next big difference is a difference in quality. Quality wise bongs give you a better experience. The hit that you feel when smoking a joint will be mutilated with the kind of paper that you have folded your joint in, but in bongs you will smoke pure cannabis and the hit you get will also be larger. You can buy bongs and invest in it for once in your life if you desire a fulfilling experience.

Bongs make the smoke cooler because of the water. This cooler smoke is better for your lungs as well. Also as the hit is bigger the highs will be too. That leads to the next point;


The Bigger High

The purpose of smoking weed is to get high, and even if you are using medicinal marijuana you want it perform better. If you buy bongs there are high chances that you will extract the most out of your weed.

However it has not been clearly proven and not much research has been done on which one of the two gets you higher. Researches have been conducted on making pills of marijuana with THC.

The studies that we can look to are very old and outdated but that is just as far as we can go in this matter. The THC transfer research has shown how much of it makes it into the human body from the weed. 60-80% THC is lost at the very first smoke. Bongs have a higher rate of THC transfer of around 40%. So buy bongs if health is your concern.

Are Bongs Healthier?

Bongs have been proven to be healthier in the face- off between bongs and joints. The popular belief that the water washes out the toxins and the tar is a wrong notion, it instead washes out more THC, which mean if you use bongs you will have to smoke in more at one go compared to joints to get a similar high. But what the water does filter out are harmful gases.

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Are Joints More Efficient?

The size and the amount of the weed will depend on what you are using to smoke them. Joints require .5 to 1 gram, while bongs require .2 gram bowls. The amount of THC is also something to think about, joints transfer 20% of THC while bongs transfer $0%. So you make the choice.

In conclusion it can be said that if you buy bongs you will not be disappointed. It will use cannabis to the full potential and a little bit of weed will go a long way.